Days of Prayer


Days of Prayer are opportunities to discover yourself and deepen your love for God. Each Day of Prayer includes presentations, Mass, and time for personal prayer and reflection. Prayer Days begin at 9:30 a.m. and end by 2:30 p.m. The suggested offering is $50, which includes the program and lunch. For reservations call 303-688-4198 ext. 122. No deposit is required.



Winter/Spring 2020



Thursday   January 16

Sr. Eileen Currie, M.S.C.


Growing Older—Practicing the Art of Letting Go


Often we say that we want to empty out the boxes of unnecessary things, to simplify our lives.  Perhaps there are boxes of non-material things that we can also begin to let go of in this moment and not wait too long to do!



Monday   January 27

Paula Sapienza


Building a Bridge


We will take Jesuit Fr. James Martin’s book Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion, and Sensitivity as inspiration for our prayer and spiritual conversations on this day of prayer. Retreatants need not have read the book to take part.  Fr. James will Skype in for the first hour of the day, so don't be late.



Tuesday   February 4

Fr. Hanh Pham, S.J.


I’m Busy!          I’m Rushed!          I’m Tired!


Do I need to free myself from the overwhelming chaos of the mundane trappings of everyday life? Finding an oasis of prayer can be an opportunity to re-energize and recharge so that we can be fully alive and present with our loved ones and with God.



Wednesday   February 26

Sr. Eileen Currie, M.S.C.


Lent—A Season of Gratitude & Dedication


Sometimes we can struggle on how to spend our Lenten season.  Why not consider spending it in gratitude and wonder at the gift of our salvation?



Thursday   March 12

Paula Sapienza


“With the Lord There Is Mercy and Fullness of Redemption”


Summarizing her theology in Creation and the Cross, Elizabeth Johnson writes, “In Jesus Christ crucified, we are gifted with an historical sacrament of encounter with the mercy of God, which impels us toward conversion to the suffering earth, sustained by hope for the resurrection of the flesh of all of us.” In this retreat we will beg our merciful God for the grace of conversion in our relationship with the natural world and with the earth’s poor and marginalized people. Our reflection and prayer will draw from scripture, Johnson’s insights, and Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’. Retreatants need not have read these works to participate.



Tuesday   April 14

Fr. Ed Kinerk, S.J.


Joy: A Perspective on My Life


Pope Francis has challenged us to find joy in our lives.  We will use his writings and the Gospels themselves to show how to take this perspective, even in the midst of suffering and loss.


Wednesday   April 29

Fr. Vince Hovley, S.J.


Everyday Life


So much of our life—even of Jesus’ life—is ordinary and routine and, as we say, “everyday.”  This day of prayer will be our effort to probe the deeper and sacred meaning of our everyday life.  As I have been urging for years, we will continue to probe into the deeper meaning of the Gospel of John, the Eucharist, the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, and now, finally, our everyday life.